Today we have a guest post from Suzy at, all about how to prep for your first piano recital. I made sure to pass this information along to students in my studio, and thought you guys would find this information beneficial as well! -xo, Allysia

;How to get ready for your first piano recital

Your first piano recital is in a few months and perhaps you don’t feel prepared – there’s no need to worry! Although it takes months of preparation to have a good recital, the process is completely manageable once you break it down into smaller time frames. On the day of the performance, you’ll feel confident because you’ve practiced efficiently and learned how to calm your nerves in front of an audience.

Take a look at the infographic below from TakeLessons for more piano recital tips!

first piano recital - infographic

my takeaway

I think one of the most valuable pieces of advice here is in the ‘day of the recital’ category – “imagine your performance going well and stay positive”. This is an immense challenge for those of us who tend to worry about everything, but really goes a long way to boost confidence and overall sense of ease.

Memorizing a piece for your first piano recital (or any recital!) is also a good idea, because if you memorize a song, it means you know it more thoroughly than you did before you had it memorized. You have to really master the ins and outs for this to be possible. And yes – memory slips while performing do sometimes happen – but people tend to play with so much more confidence when they aren’t clinging to the page for dear life, so it’s worth it for that alone.

What are some ways that you’ve prepped for recitals? What worked, and what didn’t? Please share your experiences in the comments, and thanks again to Suzy for sharing her useful tips! 🙂