Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hello friends!

Today we’re going to look at a common piano technique, namely the two note slur. There’s a technique involved in executing the two-note slur (beyond just playing it smoothly), which is definitely worth having in your bag of tricks. The piece used today is from Bela Bartok’s collection “The First Term at the Piano”.

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Hi folks!

Today’s Q&A is all about piano practice time – that big, loaded topic that sometimes we love and sometimes we hate – but we all need to do. At the piano, I do best when I’m organized and have a plan in front of me of what my practice session is going to entail, so here are the six categories I think are really important to a good well-rounded practice session:

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Today’s piece is something a little bit different – often I make sheet music arrangements for popular songs, simplifying them for beginners. But sometimes it’s nice to learn a piece in its pure, unadultered form. Few masterful compositions can be played by beginners, but some have simpler parts. Who says you have to learn the whole (extremely difficult) Fantasia in D minor? Why not just the intro?


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