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Archive for August 2015

How to play Greensleeves: Beginner Piano

    Hi all! Today on pianoTV, we’re going to learn how to play Greensleeves, a good ol’ classic from the 16th Century. In today’s video we delve deeper into syncopated pedaling, and use a broken chord pattern in the left hand. Enjoy!

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How to use the damper pedal, part 2 (syncopated pedal)

  Hi friends! As a follow-up to the previous introduction on how to use the damper pedal (linked below), here is a pedaling technique called ‘syncopated pedaling’, which is almost always how you’ll pedal a piece. It’s basically the damper pedal standard, so it’s good to learn and get comfortable with, because so many pieces…

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The Order of Sharps: Music Theory

    Hello! Today’s video is all theory – why do key signatures always follow the same pattern, and what is that pattern? Today we’re dealing with the order of sharps (we’ll talk about flats on a later day). This is useful to know if you like music theory, are generally curious, or are interested…

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Overture to William Tell: Beginner Piano

    Hello! Today’s sheet music arrangement is courtesy the website Piano Mother – the Overture to William Tell, better known as the Lone Ranger Song. It’s fast, it’s got pep, and it’s even got a key change! This piece is best suited to those who have been playing piano at least 3-6 months, since it isn’t…

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How to Play D Major Scale: Beginner Piano

    Quick video for you guys today! Sheet music for D major scale D Major Scale As usual, we’re starting with 1 octave scales – as we progress, they will begin to get more difficult.

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Spring by Vivaldi Tutorial: Beginner Piano

      Hey folks! Here’s a fun one for you today – Spring by Vivaldi. This is but a fraction of the full piece, and Spring is 1/4 of Vivaldi’s full “The Four Seasons”, but it’s instantly recognizable and not too intense on piano, either.

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How to play A Harmonic Minor Scale

[embedyt][/embedyt] G’day! In a previous video, we talked about the theory behind harmonic minor scales – if you missed that, definitely click the link to get all caught up!  Today we’ll look at how to play an A harmonic minor scale – nice and simple and short.

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