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Archive for July 2015

How to play Fur Elise by Beethoven: Beginner Piano

    Hello! I am very excited today, because we’re going to work on a snippet of that piece you’ve always wanted to learn on piano – how to play Fur Elise!  Now, this isn’t the full version, as it’s quite difficult (at a Grade 7 level, in fact), but the first page is doable…

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A Natural Minor Scale: Beginner Piano

      Hey folks! Today is a short and sweet video on how to play A natural minor scale.  It’s nice and simple, and for now we’re working on just one octave, hands separate – what’s REALLY important is that you start getting acquainted with all the different key signatures, both major and minor,…

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Major and Minor Keys: What they are, and how to tell them apart

    Hey there! Today’s video covers some important music theory information – when you’re learning a piece, how do you know what key it’s in? There are two types of keys – major and minor keys. We’ll talk about how to find a major key’s doppelganger (minor twin), and how to analyze a piece…

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What is a Harmonic Minor Scale?

Hello! Harmonic minor scales are definitely my favorite type of scale – the harmonic minor scale.  I mean, major scales are nice and all, but there’s something so spicy and mysterious about harmonic minors, and it has everything to do with that raised 7th!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, definitely check out…

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Land of the Silver Birch: Beginner Piano Tutorial

    Hello! Today I’m very excited to share with you an arrangement of ‘Land of the Silver Birch’, because it’s a Canadian folk song, and I’m Canadian and thus biased, and it’s just overall a good tune.  It’s the first piece we’ve learned on this site in a minor key – in the next…

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How to Invert Chords on Piano

  Today’s video is all about how to invert chords on the piano.  This is a SUPER IMPORTANT and practical skill to learn – take heed of the all caps!

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Beethoven – Russian Air, op. 107 no. 3 – tutorial

    Hello! Russian Air, op. 107 no. 3 is for relative beginners – you’ll probably want at least several months under your belt before trying out this one, but it’s lots of fun if you’re ready to work hard!  Beethoven’s Russian Air, op. 107 no. 3 is a fairly famous piece from a set…

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Introduction to Harmony: How to Harmonize a Melody

    Hello friends! Even if you have 0 knowledge of harmony, and very little understanding of music theory, this video should give you a little insight into why composers choose what they do when adding harmonies to a melody.

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How to Play Brahms Lullaby in F Major

    Hello! Today’s video is a tutorial on how to play Brahms Lullaby – it’s a very famous and well-known lullaby, and this arrangement is written in the key of F major. 

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