Guide to Learning Minuetto by James Hook, RCM PREP



Hi there!  Today’s piece is one I have taught a WHOLE BUNCH of times, because it’s a great tune, not ridiculously difficult for beginners, but still stretches one’s technical abilities.  It’s a preparatory-level piece titled Minuetto, composed by James Hook in his book Guida di Musica, a series of piano lessons, of which this one is lesson 2.  Enjoy!

Music for Minuetto by James Hook



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Celebration Series: Preparatory B Piano Repertoire
2015 Edition. Composed by The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. This edition: 2015 edition. Celebration Series. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century and 21st century. Method book & online audio. 32 pages. Published by The Frederick Harris Music Company (FH.C5R0B).

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