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Archive for June 2015

How to Play F Major Scale

    Hi, and welcome to the first “scale only” video – we’ve learned C major scale and G major scale already, but as part of a larger video.  Today I want to hone in on F major scale, because the finger pattern is a little different in the right hand, and takes a little…

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Major and Minor Chords: Learn in minutes, by ear

    Hi friends! Chord theory is something I often teach to adult beginners in the early days – even if you don’t have much experience, having a good understanding of chords and chord theory can make learning all kinds of pop songs easier (like when you look up chords to some tune on the…

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How to play Morning Mood by Edvard Grieg (Easy Piano)

    Hello friends! This is such a pretty little piece, meant to conjure up images of a Moroccan sunrise…though the actual scene this song is from, from Peer Gynt, is quite comical.  Grieg is a fun composer, and though most of his piano works are beyond our reach (for now), it’s still nice to…

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Build Your Own (Memorized) Piano Music Portfolio

Today’s video welcomes piano students of all levels! This is a simple little assignment I give to all of my students – doesn’t matter if they’re six years old and just started, are working on their RCM grade 8 exam, or anything in between.

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Introduction to the damper pedal

Hello! As you can see from the thumbnail, I clearly enjoy the damper pedal.  The damper pedal is one of three foot pedals seen on a piano – the one on the right.  For those of you with electronic keyboards, it’s usually the only pedal that comes with it, as the other two pedals are…

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Guide to Learning Minuetto by James Hook, RCM PREP

    Hi there!  Today’s piece is one I have taught a WHOLE BUNCH of times, because it’s a great tune, not ridiculously difficult for beginners, but still stretches one’s technical abilities.  It’s a preparatory-level piece titled Minuetto, composed by James Hook in his book Guida di Musica, a series of piano lessons, of which…

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Playing and Counting 8th Notes: Music Theory

    Hello friends! Here is a brief lowdown of how to read, count and execute 8th notes in music, which will greatly expand the amount of pieces you’ll be able to understand and play.  Have fun with it! 🙂 xo, Allysia

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A Brief History of Ludwig van Beethoven

    Howdy! Beethoven was a cool cat, so if you want to get an overview of his life and times, this is the place to start.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the ride – there’s drama, bad jokes, overall silliness, and of course – the cold hard facts. xo, Allysia

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More on Chords: Broken Chord Patterns in the Key of G

    Hello! This week’s piece is relatively difficult – first, there is the broken chord pattern, which you can play in one of two ways – but the main difficulty lies in matching it up with a completely separate right hand part.  It’s a good challenge, though, which ends up having a really nice…

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