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Hi friends!

Chord theory is something I often teach to adult beginners in the early days – even if you don’t have much experience, having a good understanding of chords and chord theory can make learning all kinds of pop songs easier (like when you look up chords to some tune on the radio).  But it can also make learning classical music easier as well – most post-baroque pieces use chords or chord progressions in one form or another.

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Hello friends!

This is such a pretty little piece, meant to conjure up images of a Moroccan sunrise…though the actual scene this song is from, from Peer Gynt, is quite comical.  Grieg is a fun composer, and though most of his piano works are beyond our reach (for now), it’s still nice to get acquainted with the guy.

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As you can see from the thumbnail, I clearly enjoy the damper pedal.  The damper pedal is one of three foot pedals seen on a piano – the one on the right.  For those of you with electronic keyboards, it’s usually the only pedal that comes with it, as the other two pedals are used infrequently.  It’s lots of fun and adds “blurriness” to pieces, evoking more moods and adding more expressive possibilities.

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