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Archive for May 2015

How to Practice Piano (Without a Piano)

    Hello! Today’s video is about all those other ways you can still develop your music skills without sitting on a piano bench.  These aren’t SUBSTITUTIONS for good ol’ fashioned piano practice, but rather supplemental ideas.  Because sometimes you might find yourself on a road trip/bored/in need of a change of pace/etc., and that’s where this…

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Ode to Joy, the Key of G, and D7 Chord

    Hello friends! Today we delve deeper into the world of chord theory, but don’t worry because it’s a very exciting world.  Not to mention Ode to Joy is a great song that every person on the planet should learn.  Links to that, as well as a technical exercise, are below:

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Q&A: How to Memorize a Piece

    Hello! Some people memorize music like it’s no big deal, and some people really have to work at it – we’re all unique flowers, after all.  But most of us (myself very included) could all stand to improve our memorization skills even more, since it’s such a huge piece of being a musician. …

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F Major Chord, Intervals of a third, and Red River Valley

    Good morning, and hope you are having an excellent May Long Weekend (or if you don’t celebrate Victoria Day, happy regular Monday). Today we’ll branch out into another chord, and tackle a fairly significant project – the two-paged Red River Valley, a tune that you probably already know by ear.  It’s a fun one!

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Czerny vs. Hanon: The Ultimate Showdown

    Czerny and Hanon are both popular composers of technique-builders – that is, exercises for your fingers to make you better at playing piano.  But do they work?  In today’s video, I’ll weigh in with my own thoughts, while doing my best to give an unbiased perspective on this topic.

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Learning Piano: The Importance of Sight Reading

Important.  Important.  Important!! Hello, and welcome to another episode of PianoTV.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your fist, then raise it to the sky. In today’s video, I unleash a tidal wave of suggestions for sight reading, which is the thing you should be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY as a piano player.  If you…

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The Key of C, and C Major Scale

Happy Monday! In today’s video, we discuss some music theory, and dig into key signatures.  There are a couple technical exercises to accompany this video, both a C scale, as well as a short piece built around a C scale: Technique: C Scale

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The Best Piano Books for Beginners

    Hello! Today I’ll walk you through some of my favorite method books and collections for someone just starting out – this is the mere tip of the iceberg, but it’s more than enough to get you going.

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