Easiest Pieces: The Difficulty Ranking of Composer Pieces

Each composer featured on this channel has a ton of great music – but what piano music is doable for your level? In this section, we feature composers individually and look at their easiest pieces (and most difficult).

Note: For some of these composers, the easiest pieces are far from easy!

Chopin’s piano music starts around a grade 6 level, so it’s not appropriate for beginners. His music also gets very difficult very quickly! This video is a guide to his music so you know which pieces to approach first.

Beethoven has some music appropriate for beginner-level students. We’ll look at those in this video, as well as some of his more challenging pieces.

Like Beethoven, Bach has some early-level pieces, though most of his start at around a grade 3 level (and progress all the way to the highest piano levels).

Liszt really has no music meant for beginners or even intermediate students. He has a few individual pieces that you can approach as a late-intermediate student, but for the most part his piano music is very challenging.

Since Mozart wrote music from a very young age, he actually has quite a few pieces suitable for beginners. His piano collection spans all the way from early first pieces, to very difficult sonatas and rondos.