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ally effect 8My name is Allysia Kerney and I’m the writer/composer/teacher/blogger/video-er of PianoTV.net.  I’ve been teaching piano to people of all ages and levels, from three-year old beginners, to youth and teenagers, to retired adults, since 2005.  This website is the product of my desire to branch out and share music in new ways, and to provide a coherent framework for beginners.

A large majority of the music that I share on this site is stuff I’ve composed or arranged, for several reasons: I wanted to freely share music without worrying about copyright issues, and because I wanted to provide songs that stem from a broad range of sources – pop, folk, jazz, and my favorite, classical.

That said, the lessons on this website work really well alongside other books, which I highly recommend you check out.  The adult method book I often teach from is the Alfred’s Adult series, since I like the pacing.  That book is geared toward pop and contemporary music, focusing on chords.  After the basics are learned, I try to get all my students to use books from the Royal Conservatory of Music, since it’s a well-loved school with a great collection of songs, categorized in “grades” – so if you ever hear someone say ‘I have my grade nine in piano, this is what they mean.  The RCM also offers exams in Canada and the US, which is a great motivator – nothing better than a looming exam date to push the practicing!

As for myself, I have my Grade 9 and am currently working toward my Grade 10 (the second highest level in the RCM).  I have an elementary pedagogy diploma from the RCM.  I’ve been playing piano since I was a little kid, first taking lessons with my mother, and later with several trained piano teachers.  As a teenager I decided to really develop my songwriting skills by joining a loud rock band, which was a blast and is something I’ve been doing ever since.  In 2005, I went through training to become a piano teacher at Long and McQuade in my Saskatchewan hometown, where I often taught fifty students each week, putting them through exams, competitions and recitals on a regular basis.  I also taught piano independently in Toronto, and was a member of ORMTA.

Enjoy the lessons, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or comments.

Happy piano-ing!

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My Music

If you want to hear a sampling of some of the projects, both solo and group, that I’ve been involved with, check out the tunes below.

Moonlight Sonata, first movement: audio recording by Rob Hillstead, Allysia performs piano
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These Blue Walls Are Faking Freedom by The Criminal Kid: Allysia performs keyboard and vocals on this full-length alt-rock release.  Listen to a couple tracks here.


Star Drip by SOMA ft. Ally K: An electronic track – Allysia performs vocals