PianoTV’s First Webinar: AMA, on Music and Life

Hey friends!

Over the holidays, the editor and I got together to host a 1-hour webinar. We didn’t have any set topic picked; instead, we let you ask us whatever questions you wanted, from life to music to books and beyond.


It was a fun conversation, but the video playback quality is pretty brutal. We wanted to re-upload the webinar with a note about the video quality, which will hopefully be improved upon in future live events.

We also wanted to offer a you download of the audio, since the audio quality is fine.


If you have any future live event topic ideas, let us know in the comments. We’d like to try this again and hopefully get a better video quality result!

Thanks for hanging out with us, and being understanding of our technical challenges!




Allysia has been teaching piano in Canada for nearly a decade, and has her Grade 10 RCM certificate. She especially enjoys nerding out to music history and theory. When she’s not making videos or teaching, she’s reading, writing, and jamming in a rock band.