Build Your Own (Memorized) Piano Music Portfolio

Today’s video welcomes piano students of all levels!

This is a simple little assignment I give to all of my students – doesn’t matter if they’re six years old and just started, are working on their RCM grade 8 exam, or anything in between.

-What it is: a super simple blank chart.

-What it does: provides a way to keep track of memorized songs, allowing you to build a portfolio.

I discuss some of the finer details in the video, so be sure to check that out.  And here’s the link to the chart:

Repertoire List


Allysia has been teaching piano in Canada for nearly a decade, and has her Grade 10 RCM certificate. She especially enjoys nerding out to music history and theory. When she’s not making videos or teaching, she’s reading, writing, and jamming in a rock band.